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Mercury offers turnkey solutions. Our areas of expertise have expanded over the years to keep pace with our clients’ requirements.
From electrical trenching to selective deconstruction of building components, clients can rely on Mercury.

Mercury provides the following services:

    1. Abatement
    2. Demolition and Deconstruction
    3. Excavation, Electrical and Mechanical Trenching, and Encasements
    4. Site Clearing
    5. Site Monitoring

Other services include: concrete removal and replacement, engineering services, grading, hauling and disposal, tank and utility removal, and salvage operations.


You may have noticed that the Mercury logo is “green.” This is intentional. The green underscores our commitment to recycling and to the environment. Mercury recycles construction materials to the highest extent possible on all of our projects. We are also LEED compliant.


Safety is our highest priority. Our job sites are Cal/OSHA compliant. We are proud to have one of the best safety records in the industry. We conduct ongoing safety training to keep it that way.